General Rules
# Rule Description Punishment
1 Spamming Spamming voice chat, playing music over microphone, chat spam. Gag>kick>48h Ban
2 Trolling/Harassing The act of targeting a player or players, in order to usually get a reaction from them. Kick>2 week ban
3 Hacking Using any third party software, that allows you to gain an unfair advantage by modifying your game client.
Ex: Aimbot, wall hacks, esp
Perma Ban
4 Exploiting Using any game exploit, that would give you an unfair advantage. Check specific games for more details!
Ex: Hiding in snow/going through fences as props in prop hunt.
Slay>Ban 1 week
5 Ghosting The act of dead players providing alive players with information, that would help the player gain an unfair advantage.
Ex: Using third party programs such as skype, to give out locations in prop hunt.
2 week ban
6 Recruiting The act of getting players to join or go to another community website or game server other than
Ex: Postings links or an ip in any server chat that leads to another server/community.
2 month ban
7 Impersonating The act of pretending to be another member of our community.
Ex: Using an admins' name in game or claiming that you are staff.
1 month ban
8 Leave to Avoid Leaving the server to purposely avoid being punished by an admin.
Ex: You RDM and than disconnect from server to avoid admin punishment.
2 week ban
9 Delaying Doing anything that would make the wait time, for the dead players longer.
Ex: Being afk while being in game, not completing objective, camping.
Slay>48 hour ban
10 DDOS Threats Threatining to ddos the server or players is not tolerated.
2 month ban
11 Providing false statements Knowingly providing a false statement to an administrator.
Ex: Someone you know broke the rules you get questioned and you lie to protect your friend. ETC
Punishment may vary
based on severity
12 Prop blocking No Prop blocking.
Slay>Kick>1 week ban
Vanilla TTT Specific Rules
# Rule Description Punishment
1 RDM/Random Death matching 1.1 Killing any player while being innocent without a valid reason/evidence.
Ex: Killing someone for being afk, killing someone for turning lights off, killing someone because you are suspicious, killing traitor who did not do anything traitorous.
1.2 aSlay = 1 X number of innocents killed.
1.3 RDMING Detective or T-Buddy= 2 aslays
1.4 Attempted RDM = aSlay
1.5 Mass RDM is having a karma of less than or equal to 630 or killing more than 3 innocents in a round.(Killing a detective DOES NOT count as two kills. Killing an inno and a D does not equal mass RDM. Its still 3 slays, but not 3 kills)
aSlay>2 week ban
2 IRV/Innocent Rule Violation Innocent Specific Rules:

2.1 You must have a valid reason to kill a player.
2.2 False callouts will get you punished, if you call kos on someone you must provide a valid reason.
2.3 In overtime you may kill if you have reasonable suspicion that someone is a traitor.
2.4 Do not kill an afk until overtime. *Remember your karma will be affected.*
2.5 Do not prop kill, prop push, Prop surf is allowed if you don't use it to get to unreachable places.
2.6 Do not use traitor weapons such as knife or c4, etc. without being proven and announcing your possession of T Weapons.
2.7 Do not Traitor bait; Doing "Traitorous Acts" such as breaking the tester, Prop pushing/blocking, constant shooting.
2.8 Do not claim areas.
2.9 No B-hopping.
3 DRV/Detective Rule Violation Detective Specific Rules:

3.1 Detectives must follow the innocent rules with the addition of specific detective rules.
3.2 You may only give reasonable orders. Ex: Requesting everyone to get tested, requesting to id a body.{detectives can't force test}
3.3 You may issue one warning shot with a pistol. If they are near death you may not issue a warning shot.
4 TRV/Traitor Rule Violation Traitor Specific Rules:

4.1 Do not reveal, damage, condemn, or kill a T-Buddy without their consent.
4.2 Warn T-buddies before activating a T-trap or throwing a grenade.
4.3 Do not open the traitor room for innocents.
4.4 Do not give T weapons to innocent players.
4.5 No B-hopping.
5 False Reports Creating false reports will lead to a Ban.
Slay>Kick>1 week ban
6 Breaking Bridges No breaking Bridges as inno.
Slay>Kick>1 week ban
Prop Hunt Specific Rules
# Rule Description Punishment
1 PRV/Prop Rule Violation Prop Specific Rules

1.1 Must taunt every 30 seconds if time left is greater than 1 minute. When there is 60 seconds left props must
taunt every 15 seconds.
1.2 Props need to hide in locations that are accessible by hunters or hunters can shoot them with bullets.
1.3 Props can hide in other props, as long as the prop they are hiding in can be picked up and/or moved.
1.4 Do not change teams to be props twice or to make teams uneven.
1.5 Do not prop shield.
1.6 No Killing yourself to avoid playing prop or hunter.
Slay>1 week ban
Deathrun Specific Rules
# Rule Description Punishment
1 Trap Spam Purposely activating traps to give a free run to anyone without the other deaths consent. Slay>1 week ban
2 Targeting Purposely going after a certain indvidual. warn>Slay>1 week ban
3 Runner's using traps Runner's can not use the traps to kill other runners. warn>Slay>1 week ban

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