Poll: Would you rather....
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Die in a very hot desert (Roast to death)
2 13.33%
Die in a very cold tundra (Freeze to Death)
13 86.67%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
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A not-so-weird WYR. #1

Can't find a way to trick yourself outta this one m8. >Big Grin
I am inevitable.

I kinda like heat more than cold. I don't know if it's just me, but I just like the feeling of warmth.

I would prefer the cold. You'd eventually just get numb to the pain and end up like Johnny at the end of the Shining. In the heat, I would be dehydrated, sunburnt, and other horrible things... Cold's better.

mei here I come

I love the cold more c:
~Moonisie .o.

COLD CUZ COMFY. Id want to sleep to my death. No pain no struggle. Just like sleeping in a closed room while burning charcoal. Painless and peaceful.
"Hey girl, your parents retarded or something?  
Cuz gurl I think you Special"
'\(° 3 °)/'
[Image: L2635GR.gif]

You guys seem pretty eager to die. Tongue
I am inevitable.

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