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Update on my Life vs TGN

Hey everyone,

I know nobody uses the forum as often and I blame myself for the most part. It's my job to make sure members check often and actually have something to look at. I honestly could have kept posting but I just never felt like it. If at the end of the day, everyone feels involved with the community and get along well with others, then I did my job. It's not really the case anymore, since I haven't kept up with game nights and the servers are empty a lot.

The transition to adulthood was difficult, I was far too confident as a teenager for the wrong reasons. I threw myself out there because I felt like I had to and I got bit in the ass for it. I never held a job for too long, dropped out of college and I'm at crossroads right now. As some might know, I'm just trying to get into the Canadian Military now and so I just have to work off student loans until I get the call to start training. I should have just done it right after right school. Anyways, I've just been really stressed out and putting off game night threads/events because of it. Even during college, I was still keeping up with it. Adulthood should be approached with caution and proper planning, that's my best advice right now. I've honestly got a good grasp of it all now, but I made a lot of mistakes along the way and I was in a dark place for a while. I usually just kept my mouth shut about it and tried to distract myself. I don't want that to be the case anymore. Also, once I get into the military, I will have to slip away for the period of my basic training (Approx. 3 months), but I plan to come back as soon as possible.

I just wanted to give some insight because I feel like people think I've gotten lazy, but I just let stress take the best of me. I'll try to do my best from now on, because I'd love to see TGN more active again. For those of you who stuck by me all along the way, thank you so much. You're all great friends and I appreciate every one of you. Anyways, that's all for now. Let's keep the good times rolling, shall we?

Love you guys!
[Image: 44243.png]

I completely understand where you're coming from Muddy. I'll support you all the way Big Grin

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